Corae Russell Encaustic Artist

Most artists realize early on that there is a direct relationship between thoughts and things.  With the encaustic medium it is easy to suspend  these passages, or thoughts in a multitude of thick ominous layers of wax.  With a deep respect for tradition, I honour  the 'whisper' between the encaustic material and the artists hand--something that appears to have escaped our contemporary consciousness.

There is  an element of spiritual devotion in my work, but the inspiration is a release of gratefulness for a great life, contemporary to my own spirit and connection to my existence.

Currently I share my studio time between Calgary, where I paint and San Miguel de Allende, where I document my  most recent muse--the hummingbird.

Processing the Past 

Inner light
reveal yourself.
No cause or result,
the Artist communicates.
Proliferation creates dense,
infinite potential.
A complex network of
personal and internal references.
A moving meditation,
projected into silence.

The Studio